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2024 INBA/PNBA Pro/Am World Championships

We are excited to announce that the 2024 World Championships will be held in Voorthuizen, Netherlands! We will make this an event one to remember! Scroll down to see all the info you need. 

3 Days program:

Competition info and rules:

Dates: 13/14/15 June 2024

- Registration 13 June 2024 ('De Boshoek')

- Competition: 14 and 15 June 2024 ('De Eng')

Thursday 13 June 

Athletes registration, judge meeting, leaders meeting. 

Friday 14 June (start at 10.00 o'clock)
INBA and PNBA categories:
Men’s Bodybuilding
Classic Physique
Athletic Physique
Women’s Figure
Women’s Physique
Women’s Bodybuilding
Physically Challenged
Mixed Pairs
Saturday 15 June (start 11.00 o'clock)
INBA and PNBA categories:
Bikini Diva’s
Women’s Sportsmodels
Mens Physique
Men’s Sportsmodels
Ink Division
Swimsuit models
Men’s Formal wear
Evening Gown
INBA Angels

Afterparty 19.00 - 23.00 o'clock

Note: Even if your category is on Friday, plan your stay also including Saturday. Remember, this is a 3 days event,  so make sure you are there 13, 14 and 15 June. We will have a farewell party on Saturday evening after the show. This will be a foodtruck festival with live DJ and lots of good foods. Free entrance for athletes, coaches and officials. Also visitors are welcome. If you have a visitor ticket, you can buy an entrance pass at the venue for only 5 eurosBring cash to buy tokens.

Venue: De Eng, Rochetstraat 2, 3781 CZ Voorthuizen

Online Registration: Online registration has started 3 December 2023 at

Visitor Tickets: tickets can be bought online. We have one day tickets and two days tickets.  Buy your tickets here

Traveling: The nearest airport to Voorthuizen is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We have made a deal with 20% discount with taxi company 'Snel een Taxi' from Schiphol Airport to Recreatiepark De Boshoek in Voorthuizen, the official hotel. The earlier you book your taxi, the better price you have, so don't wait too long.There is een option for a 4 persons car or a 8 persons mini bus This is the link  you can use for your taxi booking with discount. 

If you travel alone, it might be a cheaper option to take the train first to Amersfoort Central Station. This is a direct train connection from the airport. This is the link  for the taxi services with 20% discount from Amersfoort CS to Recreatiepark De Boshoek in Voorthuizen

If you like to have a car during your stay in Voorthuizen, it's best you rent a car at the airport. Also if you choose to fly to Eindhoven Airport or Rotterdam Airport, we recommend to rent a car. We don't have taxi deals for these airports.

If you like to rent a bike for your transportation between De Boshoek and the venue (it's only a 6 minutes bike ride) or to go the village for shopping, you can rent it here. You can order and pay the bike online and they deliver the bike at De Boshoek.

Tanning, make-up & hair services: Protan Europe (also hair and make-up services) booking and prices here

Photo and video services: Dunavolgyi Media Team.  All info in the pdf document below. Team packages with discount, email to

Accomodation: Recreatiepark "De Boshoek", Brugveenseweg 25, 3781 PG Voorthuizen. 

All competitors can book their accommodation at De Boshoek with a discount of 15%. What to do to get your discount:

Choose your accommodation by watching the links below and send an email to to book your room by writing which accommodation you want, the dates, how many persons, your name, address, country and phone number. As a proof that you are a competitor, you add a photo of your INBA/PNBA membership card (Global card or European card or your country card) to your email.

All accommodations you find on the website are also available for INBA with discount. These are some of the accommodations (click on it to see pictures and details):

20 persons Group Farm

18 persons Veluwe Villa with grillhouse (this is a combination of 3x 6 persons bungalows)

16 persons Bungalow De Voorde

14 persons Spa Bungalow

6+6 Family Bungalow

10 persons Bungalow Bunckman

8 persons Bungalow Wilbrink

6 persons Family Lodge

6 persons Bungalow Zeumeren

2-6 persons Veluwe Lounge

2-6 persons Veluwe Lodge XL

2-4 persons Veluwe Lodge

Check also the Safari tents if you look for a cheaper option. They have kitchens, bathrooms and heaters inside.Use the special e-mailadres to make the booking to get your discount