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INBA Angels


Required Suit

A 2-piece bikini and Angel Wings of any style

Judging Cariteria

The judges will be looking for a combination of these objectives:

INBA Angels Costume

based on a bikini, (no G Strings) the costume can resemble that of an Angel (wings), or a Showgirl Las Vegas type costume, Feathers and frills, tulle, sequins, Diamantes, anything that is feminine and “over the top” that the competitor has always dreamed of wearing, glitz, bling, and glamour is the key.However, we do not want costumes that drag along the floor and costume must be secure, and please ladies, nothing that bursts into flames!!!! You will need to display your creation with poise and confidence.Stage: Each competitor will enter the stage on their own, and have Thirty seconds to display their costume. They will then proceed to line up at the back of the stage until every competitor has had their turn to show their creation. Remember, this is open to Fitness, Bikini, Sportmodels and Figure athletes. This is not judged entirely on the body, e.g. a six pack abdominal region is not necessary, it’s more about what you bring to the stage with your presentation and personality! This is a “Fun” category! Imagine the amazing, stunning photos you will have to keep of yourself of the day! Beauty – overall cosmetic appearance, photogenic, skin tone and sex appeal. Poise and General Impression – overall grooming, personality, self-assurance, composure and walk.

  1. You are allowed to wear jewelry such as earrings and belly rings. Appropriate footwear must also be worn.


  1. This category has one round of judging.
  2. Competitors must wear a 2-piece bikini and Angel Wings of any style
  3. The competitors should display a very sexy and feminine attitude and keep a relaxed posture. There is NO FLEXING allowed. This is not a Bodybuilding or Figure competition.
  4. The judging will be conducted in one round.
  5. The INBA Angels are allowed to wear jewlery such as earings and belly rings. Appropriate footwear must also be worn. Each competitor will be given an overall score in each round with an overall tabulation of points between all rounds.


  1. Open (Open to all)